1 Full Bed

Located on the ground floor, the Orquidea room is cozy and private. It is decorated with traditional Oaxacan textiles and paintings by local artist Fernando Olivera. There is access to a small garden with lanterns and a water fountain to help you relax and re-energize after a long day of exploration. The room includes a private bathroom, a lock box for valuables, a ceiling fan, and a full-sized bed

Room Features:

  • 2 GUESTS
  • 9.9″x11.8″ Ft
  • 5.2“ x 5.0“ ft bathroom
  • Ceiling fan

Price per Night:

$2,150.00 MXN

Other Rooms in this house


  • 2 Guests
  • 13.6″x12.3″ Ft
  • With private terrace


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  • 13.9″x14.0″ Ft
  • With private terrace


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  • 14.9″x11.9″ Ft
  • Opens to main patio