Casa de los Sabores Cooking School

Learn to cook Oaxacan cuisine with Pilar Cabrera

Oaxaca has long been considered the birthplace of traditional Mexican cuisine, merging the ancient, pre-Hispanic customs of the local indigenous communities with those of Spanish colonial society. In the past few years Oaxaca’s cuisine has aroused international attention, earning it a place as one of the world’s most exciting and complex cuisines. At long last, food lovers have acknowledged the sophisticated flavors, unique local ingredients, and historical techniques of Oaxaca.

For over twenty years, the Casa de los Sabores Cooking School, under the direction of renowned chef Pilar Cabrera, has been sharing the joys of Oaxaca’s traditional cuisine with her students. Chef Pilar leads tour groups to local food markets where students can experience and explore Oaxaca’s food culture in addition to offering both group and private cooking lessons for beginners and experts alike.

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